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Dhoop Dani

"Dhoop Dani" is a traditional Indian incense holder commonly used during religious ceremonies, meditation, or simply to create a pleasant aroma in the home. It typically consists of a metal or ceramic container with perforations or designs to allow the incense smoke to waft out. The incense, known as "dhoop" or "agarbatti," is placed inside the dhoop dani, and when lit, it releases fragrant smoke.

The dhoop dani serves both practical and symbolic purposes. Practically, it provides a safe and contained space for burning incense, preventing ashes from scattering and potentially causing accidents. Symbolically, the fragrant smoke is believed to purify the environment, create a soothing atmosphere, and enhance spiritual experiences during rituals or meditation. The use of dhoop dani is deeply ingrained in Indian culture and religious practices, symbolizing the offering of fragrant scents to the divine.

Experience the aromatic bliss of our brass dhoop dani / brass incense burner. Designed to hold incense cones or sticks, this exquisite piece adds a fragrant and spiritual touch to your sacred space.
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